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Curated Photoshoot

This service is designed particularly for small to medium sized brands that are looking for curated content, and require advise in the style of the curation as well.

Curated Photoshoots for Brands

We offer our expertise from the beginning to the end in this service, where we sit down together with the client prior to the photoshoot to design brand design, colour schemes, themes for the photos, and even plan for the content to be displayed in the photos. This involves a few to several sessions of planning, and then the main photoshoot(s). Even the post-processing is done in coordination with the client, where a colour and design theme is established, demonstrated and then the selected photos are processed accordingly.

In essence, it involves the following: 

  • A few to several meetings to plan brand design and content theme.

  • Photoshoot(s) of 2-6 hours depending on requirement.

  • Post-processing in complete coordination with the client to ensure desired outlook in coordination with brand theme.

  • Extensive advise on content theme, design of the photoshoot, colour schemes, and composition and outlook of photos.

We also have the option for regular/semi-regular content curation with brands that have already worked with us, at lower prices as brand theme/style will already be established.

*For Pricing please use the contact form to send us an email. 

Portrait Photoshoot

Specialising in portraiture, we offer our creative expertise in planning portrait photoshoots and executing them. To ensure we capture what the client requires, we discuss the theme, in-depth, with our clients; discussing locations, clothing, stylizing, and final appearance of the photos. This service is not as in-depth as full portfolio direction (details of which are below) but suits any variety of events/requirements that you may have. Our flexibility is what makes us unique. Whether this is for an event, for yourself, for work or for artistic and creative expression - our portrait photoshoot service will suit your needs.

The standard rate for this is €80/hour which includes 10 pictures. This price is adjustable to your specific requirements. For more information, please contact us.


Portrait Photoshoot

Designed for individuals - offering creative and unique portrait shots designed specifically around the requirement of the individual.


Portfolio Creation

Designed for people in the field of media/modelling; this service offers extensive portfolio curation involving several shoots with varied themes and styles.

Portfolio Creation

Our extensive portraiture service, tailored for individuals seeking to build their portfolios. This service is designed for people who are beginners or experienced at modelling. It is aimed to give you stylized and creative photos that you can add to your portfolio’s whether they be for modelling or acting. The service is extensive and usually involves several photoshoots across the span of a few weeks. The time period is adjustable, although the intensity and length of shoots during the shorter time frame, will increase. The service includes:

  • Portfolio curation - to determine style, theme and develop ideas with the client.

  • Several on-location-photo shoots to incorporate different styles and themes.

  • Expertly curated and creatively finalised photos to capture different styles, themes and moods.

Note: We are willing to accomodate intermediate-experienced models for TFP conditions provided the suggested shoot fits within our creative goals/existing projects at the time.

*For Pricing please use the contact form to send us an email.