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Mrinal Verma

I got into photography relatively recently, but it has become more than a passion for me. It is an escape from all the stress, anxiety and chaos of daily life. Particularly interested in photographing people, I love curated and creative shoots also. I crave authenticity, depth, texture, and richness in photos, especially in black and white photos. I do both colour and black&white work, but prefer the later.


The picture that you took with your camera is the imagination you want to create with reality.
— Scott Lorenzo


About Infinitum —

The brand infinitum came about due to my other passion; astrophysics, space and the stars. One of my favourite (and most mind baffling) concepts is infinity, its vastness, its mysticism, and its impact. I didn't want to use just the word in its base sense, so I used its latin roots to name my photography brand. The style of photography at Infinitum is personal, we work with the person/brand to deliver exactly what is needed. Whether it is a creative portrait shoot, or a complete brand theme/design, followed by a photoshoot, we put our heart and soul into it, so that our clients get exactly what they need. With us, the possibilities are infinite.


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